Möt våra praktikanter från Nederländerna!

Under maj månad har vi besök av två tjejer från Nederländerna. Via ett utbyte med Katedralskolan i Växjö och Nova College i Haarlem har de praktik hos oss och ska bland annat ta fram foton och texter om destinationen riktad till en yngre målgrupp. Det ger oss på Destination Småland en bättre förståelse om marknaden i Nederländerna och lite nya insikter om målgruppen. Här berättar de lite mer! 

Florine och Babet testar Little Rock Lake Zipline
Florine och Babet testar Little Rock Lake Zipline

international exchange in småland

We are Babet and Florine we are studying Junior account manager and Marketing IVS at the Nova College in Haarlem. We are the whole month in Sweden to set-up an exchange between the students from IVS and students from the Katedralskolan. 
Our education literally focuses on ground-breaking education, the optimum preparation for international professional practice. You start with a broad commercial education. In this Dutch / English IVS course you develop knowledge and skills to be able to trade internationally between companies and between company and consumer. You learn to make and maintain contact with clients/ accounts and to approach clients / issues from a commercial point of view. Listening and empathizing with the wishes of the customer, analysing issues and solving problems, acting responsibly, negotiating, making customers enthusiastic for a product and / or service are important skills. You learn to express yourself orally and in writing and to work carefully. You also learn to act with integrity according to the applicable ethical standards. Dutch, English, arithmetic, career and citizenship are important supporting subjects in this course. You follow the options depending on your ambition and development.
We are here for an exchange between IVS and the Katedraskolan. When the IVS students are in Växjö we will help a company with a marketing and sales project. Destination Småland is going to be one of these companies. We are doing a project for them now. We are focusing on the young people, why should they come to Växjö and what can they do while they are here. We are making photos, writing Instagram posts and writing blogs about our Växjö and Småland tips. 

If you have any questions or want to collaborate with us during our stay - please send us and e-mail and let's talk!

Contact: babetvandersluijs@gmail.com 

/Florine & Babet




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